{current projects}

The Big One

This is my baby, the project that first got me serious about writing, the project I started at thirteen.  It’s at least a trilogy, following the adventures of someone very lost in the process of being found.  My first and second drafts of this all burned in the fires, so what I’m working on now is nothing more than an impression.  It’s the things that stuck.  And it’s a lot more grown up, fewer fairy cats and all.  It’s the project I spend most of my time thinking about, and most of my time working on.  Young adult fantasy tends to suck you in and never let you go.  As I get further along with this project, I might share snippets of it.  But we’ll see.

A Novel In Short Stories

I went to a reading at USD in which an author shared his book, which was a novel in short stories.  This sparked an idea for me.  The beginning can be read here.  The rest has been mapped out but has yet to be written.  It follows a woman who feels trapped in her marriage, her religion, and in her life who manages to break free, taking her daughter with her.  What follows are consequences, and possibilities.


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