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I’ve had this feeling for months now that there is something I need to be doing.  It has been gnawing at the pit of my stomach for sometime now, and I have finally decided it’s about damn time for me to get on it.  I need to write.  It’s part of my nature, part of my very existence.  Melodramatic, right?  See! Even more proof that I’m a writer.  So this is it, my outlet.  A place for me to write out the things in my head and be accountable for them.  If you happen to stumble upon this blog and have any feedback for me please feel free to let me know.

To keep me accountable I vow:
-to publish one post a week for at least 100 words.
-to not be afraid to push myself as writer.
-to be attentive to my spelling and grammar, which I often forget since this is the internet.
-to fall in love with my craft all over again.
Here goes something!

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