Dive #fiveminutefriday


I can’t remember the last time we spoke.  I can’t remember the curl of your smile, or the sound of your laugh.  When do friends dissolve into acquaintances?  What is the process, what makes an ending?


Inseparable.  That was our mantra.  It seems funny now, looking back.  So naive.  We were only children then, children holding onto the endless sticky summers and the short days of winter, wrapped in our cloaks, gripping our pencils like sonic screwdrivers.


You can’t change the past. Can’t redo the things you’ve done wrong.  I think about it as I’m drifting to sleep, the things I’d do right.  I’m sorry for the way I spoke, for the turn of my hand, for the tilt of my head, for the dissolution of our friendship.  I’m sorry for my part in the drifting, in the ending.


It’s evolution.  It’s the natural order of things.  We grow up.  We leave our childhoods behind.  And it’s okay- it has to be.  We grow older with the memories of who we used to be, of where we came from.  You’re where I came from.  You helped shape who I am.  And even as we grow old and forgetful there will always be a piece of me where you are.

Five Minute Friday


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