NaNoWriMo {Day 25}

Rather than writing here, I have been writing in my book.  After a few days of writer’s block, I decided to break the rules and go back and do some serious editing.  I ended up scrapping half of the things I wrote before and am really pleased with the results.  I am no longer shaping my characters, they are shaping themselves and surprising me.

This is my favorite part of writing.  I love it when you reach a point in a story and the story writes itself.  It’s extremely satisfying, and can be an extremely intense experience.

One way I’ve found to help motivate myself to write is to make it a game.  I’ve been working with my dear friend Randi, who is also doing NaNoWriMo, and we’ve been putting aside 30 minutes and just writing.  There’s a little competition as to who can bust out the most words.  We’ve been writing 900-1200 words each per session, and it’s really helped.

Since I’ve fallen so behind, I’ve shifted my goal from 50,000 words to 25,000.  Once I meet that, anything more is a bonus.  I’m currently at 15117 and counting!

Anyway, I’m off to go write on.


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